True Wealth


What is wealth? Money, dreams, or character? I'll take number one for $200 Alex! Money seems to be the goal of every person I have run into in my early years. Though it remains in the top 3 of all our goals, it's no longer the case among those who have matured.

The quest now is for significance. Creating something worthwhile; something we can be proud of. Something we leave behind that will hopefully speak long after we have left planet Earth.


Makes living much easier! (I'm sure there's no argument here). Having it does take a load off the brain. Not having it seems to invite chaos and disaster! broken homes, broken relationships, and broken dreams. "Wealth is not a thing, but a thought", I once heard billionaire Peter J. Daniels say. However, most of us spend a life time chasing a most elusive dream of having it. I once did.


God gives us pictures to follow through life that will hopefully lead us all back to him. Throughout ones life time we can, and often times do, ignore the signs He sends through pictures and dreams. Dreams come to direct and guide us to fulfillment. However, they are only a tool and not a means to an end.


Takes a lifetime to build and a minute to destroy. Right now in January, 2018, America and the world has latched on to the #metoo movement of rich and powerful taking advantage of the defenseless. The behavior of these individuals can no longer be hidden thanks to the power of social media. Even today, (Jan. 14, 2018), I heard of a professor in China who has just lost his post due to sexual allegations of misconduct. Tragic! many lives have been affected due to such unwarranted behavior.

Therefore, it is my belief that true wealth is a legacy of good works and leaving behind a great name. Peace be with you!

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